What do you bring when you are staying overnight?

Matt and I are very luck to have amazing friends, many of them whom have beautiful homes all over the place . We also get invited to stay for weekends at many of them which is something I absolutely love. There are many keys to being a good house guest one pf them is bringing a proper gift and thank you. After you get back home from an amazing weekend this thing called LIFE happens and many of us can forget to send a little something. That is why I have recently started planning ahead and bringing a gift and a blank thank you note with me. It is so easy to write a quick thank you and set it with a small gift to leave in the guest room. This is one of those "surprise and delight" moments that you can create for your host. Here is a picture of one I just did after staying with our friend Robin at her Westhampton home:

I used a stack of kitchen towels from Williams Sonoma with a simple thank you note i picked up at Paper Source

Here are some more ideas for great overnight host gifts:

Gourmet olive oils & balsamic vinegar

A set of handmade goat milk soaps from my friends at Beekman 1802


What would you add to this list? See anything you would give?