My Paris Beauty Faves

I love beauty it’s not my fault
— Valentino
Aqua Di PArma Colonia

One of my favorite things to do in Paris is shop in the pharmacy's that are scattered on every corner of the city searching for fun new beauty products. Here is what I brought back.

Topicreme Lip Balm


This balm is so soft and has no off taste or anything like that. I will be sad when I swipe the last drop out of this one (or I will just have to hop a plane)

Avene Shaving Mousse

I absolutely hate shaving because my skin is so sensitive and is prone to razor burn, for some reason my face likes this one so I grab it every time I visit. They are also starting to sell this at those bigger Walgreen's locations with the huge beauty department.

Gouttes Bleues Eye Drops

These eye drops I simply cannot live without. They save me every morning when I had too much wine the night before, ok so every morning...