3 Things To Re Set Your Kitchen for Fall Cooking


When is there ever a good time to re set your kitchen? If you think never I am honestly with you, so I made up an excuse to do it, FALL. After basically living on the deck and grilling everything under the sun (except ice cream mmmm... let me work on that) the time has come to step back into the kitchen. Here are 5 ways to re set your kitchen for some serious Fall cooking.

Lets start with the most obvious thing the refrigerator, this one should be easy. Pull your trash can over and toss anything that is expired, growing or you can't even recognized. Clean the whole thing with a bucket of soapy water, I use the Mrs. Meyers AP Cleaner and a rag my Nana knit me. If your fridge has a filter check to see if it needs replaced. I do an Amazon auto ship every 6 months for mine which is pretty brilliant because they give you a discount and when the new one shows up you know its time to replace the old one. (ahh technology) Now give yourself a pat on the back and keep going.

Now lets move to pantry, or in my case the cupboard that has become the pantry. I don't know how this happens but I have managed to move things across the country twice that are expired, I swear they just "appear" (right?). If you have things that come in bags like rice or sugar put them into a food safe airtight container like these from Cambro. I have also found it really helpful to separate the jars from the cans in an effort to make sense of it all. For this I just used a bin that I had leftover from something else. For more on that press play:

Lets just go full force and tackle the drawers and shelves. I have found that if you eliminate options for throwing things in a drawer they magically stay organized. For this I got these really affordable Rubbermaid drawer organizers in a ton of sizes, full disclosure I sat on the floor at the Container Store and mapped this out (no of course I didn't measure the drawer ahead of time that would have been too smart, Matt would have! ). To further idiot proof these drawers I got out the big guns and P-Touch labeled each section, I know this sounds excessive but I love it. Truth is I move too fast when I'm cooking to be searching for a peeler ( that's why I have four of them in the section marked PEELER) That brings up another random point that Ina Garten taught us, have things in multiples so you don't have to stop to wash and dry something to use it again. Also for things like peelers it gives you the opportunity to divide and conquer when cooking with friends. For some more ideas press play:

Alright everyone lets carve out some time to get these kitchens in order so we can all have a fun season of cooking Fall faboulisity! What are you going to do first?